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Pranarôm is a laboratory specialised in scientific and medical aromatherapy. It was founded in 1991 by Dominique Baudoux, a well-known pharmacist and aromatologist, very much appreciated for his books on aromatherapy.
"For 20 years, our teams of scientists and trainers have travelled the world to find the best aromatherapy products and share our expertise in this field. We are confident that chemotyped essential oils will be the finest assets of tomorrow’s Health. Pranarôm is a world reference in aromatherapy. This is probably due to our constant desire to offer a rigorous approach of plants and their benefits on mankind.
Pranarôm has now turned into a market leader. This is definitely thanks to all those who discover and like our products for a better health. I thank them for sharing our passion !".
Dominique Baudoux is a pharmacist as were his father and grandfather. In the 1980s, he was one of the first pharmacists in Belgium to focus on essential oils for healthcare purposes.
Fascinated and passionate since the beginning, Dominique Baudoux toured France and Belgium to give lectures and training to his peers, thus restoring essential oils to their rightful place in our pharmacies. Very soon in his career, he flew to Japan, Quebec and South Africa where keen health professionals were eager to know more about scientific aromatherapy.
As an outstanding teacher, Dominique Baudoux shared his passion for essential oils and started developing innovative aromatherapy products. His amazingly effective formulas quickly demonstrated to his entourage the incredible healing power of essential oils. 
Collected in his first bestseller "Aromathérapie – se soigner avec les huiles essentielles" (Amyris ed.), these formulas will remain forever great classics of French aromatherapy. They also made Dominique Baudoux one of the most respected aromatologists in the world.
Pranarôm was established 1991. The company was then made of 3 persons, selling 100% pure and natural chemotyped essential oils, a quality never reached before. Over the years, the small family business grew and started distributing its products through hundreds of stores. Even better, scientific aromatherapy strict principles were quickly adopted by aromatherapy practicioners in Asia and America.
Today, under the leadership of Dominique Baudoux and Sergio Calandri, Pranarôm is the world leader of the scientific and medical aromatherapy. Its health and wellness products are sold in nearly 10,000 pharmacies and specialty stores. Still a human-sized company, Pranarôm is a dynamic business based on the talent of its many contributors, from the farmer to the pharmacist. Rooted in Nature, Pranarôm knows and respects the wonderful benefits of aromatic herbs and wants to share them with the world.
The name "Pranarôm" has a double meaning
PRANA means "breath of life"  (Indian version of the Chi). 
This breath is the start of all actions and decisions, it is essential energy.
ARÔM comes from "aromatic". 
We refer to all plants from which we extract essential oils as aromatics.
Breath of life and overall health provided by essential oils, the quintessences of aromatic plants.
Looking to the future...
Pranarôm is a company with a brilliant future. With its rich family tradition, today Pranarôm can conclude exclusive sales partnerships with an increasing number of agents and employees throughout the world. Pranarôm's desire is to constantly bring in more talents and launch innovative products and field initiatives for a more harmonious life.
Proposing innovative products
Pranarôm wants essential oils to be the allies of a more harmonious life. That is why Pranarôm formulates essential oil-based products that are practical and extremely efficient.
Health products: They bring together the assets of essential oils in innovative formulas to be taken internally or externally. These products help to contribute to a faster, more serene healing process.
The companions of wellbeing: Inspired by the tradition of aromatic plants and sometimes combined with the nobility of vegetable oils, these essential oil-based products are brilliantly suited to your wellbeing and beauty needs.
Pranarôm and HerbalGem have joined forces
At the start of 2014, Pranarôm and HerbalGem joined forces to establish the first Belgian group specializing in natural therapies. 
Our two laboratories have been pioneers in their respective fields of aromatherapy and gemmotherapy. For over 20 years, we have been investing to develop and share scientific knowledge of essential oils and bud concentrated macerates. Pranarôm and HerbalGem have become two leading brands recognized for the quality of their products, their professionalism and their training as well as their sound scientific basis. What is more, we share the same philosophy and passion for natural therapies. 
The Inula Natural Health group will benefit from its own crops and harvesting sites for either buds and aromatic medicinal plants in Belgium and Madagascar, its two specialist production laboratories in Ghislenghien and Vielsalm, its three commercial subsidiaries in France, Spain and Italy, and an international network of distributors. Most importantly of all, it has the complete trust of millions of consumers worldwide who regularly use our products and recommend them to those around them for optimal health. 
We are very proud to share this major step in our history with you and, with your support and cooperation, we hope with all our hearts that we will be able to continue to develop and promote the powerful benefits of essential oils and buds.